05 septembre 2005

L'homme, la femme... et les maths!


Pour une fois, je ne pense pas ce que j'ai posté!

PS: merci chacha ;)

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Commentaires sur L'homme, la femme... et les maths!

    Encore heureux que tu ne penses pas ça!!! packe sinon j'en connais qui t'aurait étriper

    P.S: dsl si mon post ne t'a pas plu sur medville, la prochaine fois je me limiterai à la charte

    Posté par Bsima, 06 septembre 2005 à 15:21 | | Répondre
  • peace..

    et oui je le pense pas..
    sinon pour le post.. c pas k ça m'a pas plu, c juste k c'était pas adequat de le publier fmedville.. je le pensais et je l'ai dit, etre franc et direct c ma devise

    Posté par BloodLover, 06 septembre 2005 à 16:11 | | Répondre
  • That's my lover

    There you go Bloodlover
    Men rules said Anne RICE, a women's world would be chaotic, but not because of the lack of intelligence like say some dumb people but because of their high sensitivity and emotionality which is a great compliment!!!
    We love you women, don't be hurt!!!
    Zaghloul's last post about moroccan women made me laughing deadly bloody!!!
    Seems that Bsima has some kind of probs...

    Posté par Superfly, 06 septembre 2005 à 17:58 | | Répondre
  • well, i'm not too keen on generalities like these : "their high sensitivity": we're all unique and our tempers do not systematically obey our genes' rules... neither do I believe that the world should be a men's or women's one. Everyone should have his or her place, and never be put down or humiliated or deprived of freedom because of a caryotype or a lack of muscles.

    Posté par Sun Li, 08 septembre 2005 à 21:27 | | Répondre
  • Bravo Sun Li
    Coucou Mehdi

    Posté par Manal, 11 septembre 2005 à 15:34 | | Répondre
  • Sensitive Kind

    Hello SunLi: I can only totally agree with you. Don't feel as set in Mir and don’t under-mis-understand what I've meant We’re all equal but women and men have differences, and presence of differences doesn’t mean outranking one of the two sides.
    I ain't talking about temper, mood ... (I don't give a damn), I'm talking about how we think; when I say sensitive kind, it means that when it comes to take a decision, a woman is able to compile all the parameters around (that’s the reason why women are better managers then men) but when it comes to “rule”, excuse me Misses but women are a mess, human history can teach us that (I’m excluding exceptions such as Benazeer Buto and Telessilla d’Argos), “Queen of the damned” speaks wiser words than I.
    The essence of freedom is to understand those differences and make use of them for our common best. Judging is never my goal, but I’m here to criticize for “positive” responses and I’m open to discuss. (Please do understand what I’m meaning, please do not read what you want or what you are custom to hear between selected lines, this is no attack against any of You)

    By the way, jokes only are some of my comments

    Hey BL, how thee??

    Posté par Superfly, 12 septembre 2005 à 18:37 | | Répondre
  • Queen

    Superfly>>I have red "Queen of the damned", I am quite sure that I understand what you mean.

    Bloodlover>> are you one of us? I am the mother of all.

    Posté par Aka, 12 septembre 2005 à 18:41 | | Répondre
  • Man

    is there another demonstration about men

    Posté par ali kellouch, 02 juillet 2007 à 23:47 | | Répondre
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